Solutions, logistics management, supply chain services, enviromental reporting, downstream processing
RLG specializes in reverse supply chain services including logistics management, environmental reporting and downstream processing.


E-Commerce / Retail Returns

E-Commerce / Retail Returns:

Our E-Commerce and Retail Returns Services help you transform return processes into convenient customer experiences. Streamlined operations minimize your costs, enhance transparency and strengthen long-lasting relationships with your valued customers.

Value Return Services

Value Return Services:

Value return services increase the end-of-life value of your products by extending their life cycle by repairing, replacing or refurbishing.



Environmental Compliance Services

Environmental Compliance:

Our environmental compliance services facilitate extended producer responsibilities with regulatory take-back schemes for batteries, e-waste and packaging while our compliance management evaluates and optimizes your compliance costs.

Recycling Returns Management

Recycling Returns Management:

Upvalue your green path. Our recycling returns services ensure a professional collection and safe handling of your recyclables on an international scale.