Our environmental compliance services facilitate extended producer responsibilities with regulatory take-back schemes for batteries, e-waste and packaging while our compliance management evaluates and optimizes your compliance costs.

Environmental Compliance Management

Get relief from complexity of environmental reporting requirements, challenged by fast-paced product development. Our end-to-end environmental compliance management services help you define correct put-to-market volumes and select best available compliance schemes on a global scale.

Battery return systems

If you are a producer or importer of batteries, REBAT compliance schemes empower you to meet legal obligations for take-back of spent batteries and accumulators.

WEEE return systems

If you are a producer or importer of electric or electronic products, RELECTRA compliance schemes help you comply with regulatory requirements resulting from the WEEE directive.

Packaging return systems

Upvalue your used packaging material. We design solutions for collection and recycling of packaging material tailored to your industry.

Deposit clearing schemes

Deposit schemes for nonrefillable beverage containers reduce littering and recover valuable resources such as P.E.T., aluminum and tinplate. However, they require high-end IT solutions and operational excellence. We design, implement and operate deposit clearing systems on an international scale.