Value return services increase the end-of-life value of your products by extending their life cycle by repairing, replacing or refurbishing.

Asset Recovery Solutions

The Asset Recovery Solution provides a value return opportunity for all retired electronic equipment. We enable our Clients to reuse, redeploy, resell or recycle their, or their customers used IT Electronics.

Service and spare parts returns

REGAIN value of your used and unused service, repair and refurbishing products. We help you identify options for secondary use or end-of-life optimization and design the appropriate processes to achieve higher efficiency and cost savings.

Product recalls: electronics

RETAIN the value of your brand even in emergencies. Our return processes can be adapted immediately for handling your product recalls in a secure, cost-efficient, controlled and professional way.

Refurbishment and repair services

REFURBISH your products and get additional value out of returns: on-top revenue, extra clients, additional business intelligence.

Home-care product management

REDISTRIBUTE highly valuable home-care products. We provide centralized inventory management and organize their return, refurbishing and repair.

Medical gas distribution

REFILL medical gas bottles or liquid gas containers easily: we provide 24/7 emergency services and direct delivery to the patient.