Corporate governance

Our Return-to-Value philosophy directly impacts our way of doing business: we strive for the highest performance and sustainable quality to provide you a value return or value upgrade.

Certified process and project management and deep quality consciousness of our employees build the engines that allow RLG to reach top performance level. We meet our responsibility as a business process partner through a precise process landscape, defined standards and the auditing of our suppliers. Moreover, we aim to gain superior transparency on mass flows.

Following our Return-to-Value mission, we are committed to refusing any revenue maximization approach that involves exploitation of the environment.


RLG Quality and Environmental Policy Charter

We provide a high standard of quality and the environmentally sound management of our services, and we set ambitious targets for growing our organizations into leading providers of high-quality service concepts. Together we follow the mission: Return to Value.

RLGs quality and environmental policy constitutes on five pillars:


Customer satisfaction

We listen and understand our customers. As a strategic partner, we create competitive advantages by implementing innovative and cost-efficient return solutions. By continuously improving our services, we enhance customer satisfaction and increase end-customer loyalty, realizing additional revenue potential for our customers. We ensure smooth and reliable processes, legal compliance and environmentally sound operations.


Maximum value return

Our individually tailored, innovative return solutions create sustainable value. We turn challenges into competitive advantages that allow our customers to stand out in their markets. Our solutions optimize the recovery of valuable materials.


Process optimization

All our processes are designed to perfectly meet with the expectations of internal and external customers, and we improve them constantly. We create transparent, smooth running workflows across the whole reverse chain, resulting in effectiveness and efficiency.


Management responsibility and employee orientation

Working together is essential to achieving our quality and environmental goals. All our employees are actively participating in our continuous improvement process. We promote consciousness and responsibility for both, high quality and environmental protection.


Societal benefits

Our solutions contribute to a sustainable economy.  In executing our logistics and recycling services, we strive for a continuous minimization of their negative environmental impacts.