The Reverse Logistics Group (RLG) comprises the holding organization Reverse Logistics GmbH and the subgroups CCR Logistics Systems AG, Cycleon B.V, RLG Recare GmbH, RLG Health Care GmbH, Reverse Logistics Vietnam, Reverse Logistics India and RLG Management Consulting (Beijing) Co. Ltd. (RLG China). Reverse Logistics GmbH is an indirect subsidiary of Monitor Clipper Equity Partners II L.P. and other owners.

RLG’s history goes back to CCR Car Components Recycling GmbH, which developed and implemented an innovative service concept for automotive workshop disposal in the early 1990s. About ten years later, CCR Logistics Systems AG was serving clients in various European countries. Since then, CCR services have been extended and have expanded into additional industries and continents, finally leading into the large global service portfolio of the Reverse Logistics Group.