Process management

The overall goals in our process management are to eliminate complexity and set up transparent and efficient processes - underpinned by integrated quality and network management.

RLG and its affiliate companies are mostly non-asset-based logistics management and outsourcing specialists. We design, implement and operate comprehensive reverse logistics processes and systems by building strong and reliable networks with service providers that are the optimal fit for individual customer requirements.

RLG solutions are well-known for

  • one single point of contact
  • consistent processes
  • granular mass-flow reporting
  • full transparency of costs
  • continuous efficiency improvement
  • realizing economies of scale.

We could not possibly live up to these principles without a precise process management method that kicks in as early as the sales process and continues through the work instructions of operators and drivers in the field. Our customers may therefore refocus completely on their core business.


Great people - great teams - great collaboration

An enterprise-level collaboration platform ensures that customer requirements are being well managed, the regulatory framework is closely monitored, service providers are consistently managed and knowledge is efficiently shared. Our international landscape of processes is our guiding and living principle for everything that we do: We put everything in place so that great people - on the customer side, at the service providers and on our own staff - can most effectively and efficiently contribute to our successful solutions.


Network management

Successful reverse logistics systems benefit from a strong and reliable network of services and service partners. We are spending notable efforts in continuously improving our internal and international landscape of services. Accordingly, our service partners have to undergo defined approval processes before being eligible to participate in our network. If a service provider should fail to deliver on targets that have been jointly agreed on, our KPI monitoring mechanisms make sure that we are made aware of this on time so that we can take action to bring things back on track. Our service provider management processes are transparent and open: Many of our customers have already accepted our invitation to join our on-site audits, which are being conducted on a frequent basis.


Quality and environmental management

Across our group of companies, we live our Integrated Management System, which helps us collaborate, communicate, innovate and perform.

RLG operates a certification matrix according to DIN EN 9001 and 14001. Participating companies are our German head offices and international subsidiaries in Hungary, Italy, Poland, Romania, Switzerland and the United States. Please refer to related certification documents below:

In addition, CCR Logistics Systems AG is a registered waste management company according to German Entsorgungsfachbetriebeverordnung (EFB).

If you like to learn more about RLG quality and environmental management, please also refer to our RLG Quality and Environmental Policy Charter >


IT management

When combining logistics processes with innovative environmental services, IT gets one of the most decisive competitive edges. Information flows must be precise, quick and agile, responding to challenging requirements regarding seamless integration, real-time reporting and technology trends. While our international IT architecture relies on standard components, our customers appreciate our ability to quickly implement individual software components that cannot be bought off the shelf. We created a rich suite of online applications, system interfaces and reports that will be modified according to your requirements. Our systems are made by RLG - made by our own people who know both their market and their technologies, made in Germany, and hosted in our own recovery-safe data centers. This means that we can move very quickly, sometimes faster than much larger IT organizations.

RLG is a Microsoft® Certified Silver Partner for Application Development, Data Platform, Devices and Deployment and Midmarket Solution Provider.