Project Management

We understand ourselves as architects of comprehensive reverse logistics solutions, platforms and products. A centralized project management organization and methodology ensure that we deliver on time and on target. We are your sparring partner for integrating supply and reverse chains. We meet your requirements with best-in-class expertise on international logistics operations, recycling markets and regulatory framework. We manage projects comprehensively, considering strategic, operational, IT and financial requirements.


Project Management is one of our core expertises. Here are some examples:

Being on time: international management of spent lead batteries

One of the most critical factors when dealing with valuable resources such as lead is time. To secure volume access, collections must be made on time. The efficient operation of recycling facilities demands that they be supplied on time. To ensure a reliable shipment of volumes across borders, each and every truck of material must be notified on time. Our engineers have set up a collection network that provides one central service level all across Europe, realized on a sophisticated IT system that balances complex material flows from end to end. And on time.


Having control: e-waste downstream management on a global scale

At their end of life, precious devices such as computers, televisions and appliances have to be directed  through the recycling process. A cascade of disassembly and recycling operations conducted by various organizations on an international scale ensures that resources are recovered and resupplied to relevant markets. Even though the character of materials change during the downstream processing, volume streams must be carefully kept under control. RLG created an IT solution that allows tracking collected materials - as well as resulting costs and revenues - from collection to their final processing destination across the complete network.


Being precise: enterprise product data evaluation

Large manufacturers and retailers are obligated to internationally report their put-to-market volumes of electronic devices, batteries, packaging and storage. At the same time, their portfolio of products and the regulatory framework are constantly changing. RLG implemented a unique legal monitoring and data management system that synchronizes highly volatile product data with shifting environmental reporting requirements.


Being comprehensive: international product returns with maximum convenience

When new products such as electronic devices are being launched, supporting customer services are of maximum importance. We built an international network of postal services that allows consumers to easily return defective devices with parcel shipments. We implemented an IT system that guides through the complete process, ranging from printing international shipment labels to tracing each individual device during its examination and processing.


Being efficient: solution platform for workshop waste management

Every workshop, even small ones, produces an extensive variety of different waste types ranging from dangerous liquids such as brake fluid to precious material such as car body parts. RLG’s subsidiary CCR came up with the first systematic approach for an integrated waste management system including online order management. This service has grown with its market and is continuously adapted to new requirements—covering new waste types such as airbags, lithium cells, carbon fiber and many other innovations.


Last, but not least: being innovative and sustainable

There are two things that the projects described above, and many more RLG projects, have in common: When each was introduced, there was no comparable method available in the respective industry. We are proud of helping our customers become and remain innovation leaders. RLG solutions provide important cornerstones within both the innovation and the sustainability strategies of our customers.