Resources management, return to value, recycling

Resources management

A careful treatment of resources is the key to achieving our overall goal “return to value.” We ensure a careful collection and efficient handling of returns and recyclables to optimize their value output.


Closed-loop solutions by “push” and by “pull”

We support the two major driving forces for creating closed-loop scenarios. We collect your recyclables, manage their processing and return their value – be it material, revenue or both – back to you. The other way around, we are a supplier of secondary raw material in constant flows of constant quality. We assist you in setting up your own material closed loop - resulting in higher sustainability performance and independence from spiraling prices of trade loops.


International trading channels

Notable volumes from various collection systems assure a continuously high volume of many different materials. We are a reliable trading partner that knows and operates international channels at best-in-class conditions.


Transparency of volumes and costs

With increasing resource prices, it becomes a more and more strategic advantage to know at any time the volume and the value being processed in the reverse chain. We trace materials back to their original point of collection because we have sophisticated systems that keep track of all relevant information. Moreover our volume monitoring system is tightly linked to our accounting system, both of which are frequently audited by independent experts. We are aware that trust is a central basis of operating in reverse logistics and we transparently share this information with our customers, allowing them to drive their value generation in the fairest possible way.