Sustainability enabling

We would like to thank all our customers who trust us to help them fulfilling their extended producer responsibility.

We. Do. Care.

With our integrated approach to reverse chain and recycling, various facets of compliance and sustainability become a genuine and mandatory asset. We understand that our customers must fulfill a complex variety of challenges that leave no room for compromises. If “business as usual” is no longer an option, we are your partner to live up to this challenge.


Regulatory compliance

Monitoring legal obligations is an important part of our daily business ever since: When it comes to handling dangerous goods or hazardous material, a sound knowledge of relevant regulations and related consequences is an absolute must. Over the years as the portfolio of regulations has become more and more sophisticated, so too has our compliance monitoring. We are in constant exchange with our customers regarding relevant legislations and help our customers discover how new regulations can present not simply challenges but also opportunities.


Environmental compliance

Once carbon footprints of production processes and product usage have been optimized, maintenance and end-of life processes are focused for further optimizing environmental performance. We optimize environmental parameters within our services and our network in order to essentially contribute to fulfilling your sustainability targets.


Operational excellence

For us to be able to support our globally more than 5000 customers in their world-class excellence, our own operational performance must itself be excellent. Since our first assignment back in the 1990s, we have continually gathered relevant experience and built know-how regarding service planning and execution. As we are free of binding assets, we developed and grew our organization independently and both results- and quality-driven. The autonomy of our infrastructure allows us to continuously strive for further improvement and the same applies for our team: Many of our employees have grown with the company, assuring deep industry knowledge and operational experience.