17 March 2016

VW OTLG renews contract for workshop disposal with CCR

Volkswagen’s affiliate Original Teile Logistik GmbH & Co. KG (VW OTLG) continues its long-standing cooperation with CCR Logistics Systems AG (CCR): CCR has been assigned to centrally organize the disposal at all contract workshops managed by OTLG within the Volkswagen Group in Germany. The order volume for the renewed 2-year contract is valued within a two digit million Euros range.

On behalf of CCR’s centrally managed workshop disposal system, the Volkswagen Group offers its contract workshops a pick-up service for many different waste types. At the same time, the solution enables Volkswagen to meet its legal take-back obligations, especially for packaging materials.

On this account, CCR manages a network of service partners who then perform the pick-ups of all different kind of waste types from the individual workshops in Germany. Per year, CCR coordinates around 200,000 disposal processes for VW OTLG. To assure consistent quality, all participating service partners need pass an audit and system activation process. Similar like it is known from forwarding logistics, CCR system partners can then transmit their disposal processes data to the CCR Online System immediately at the workshop. All system participants, including the major client VW OTLG, may thus access information on picked-up materials and volumes on a near real-time basis.