03 November 2017

5 ways reverse logistics add value to your returns management process

Consumers returned 12% of their electronic purchases last year*, due to easy shopping and free returns. But what to do with these returns? Returned products are often overlooked, while there is still a possibility to add value to these products. Here are 5 ways:

  • Grading & Sorting
    Based on your requirements, a product can be graded to define the status of the returned product and decide what the next step should be. Unsellable or commercially valueless (e.g. damaged, out of season, too-low-cost) returns can be identified earlier in the process to take these out of the return flow, eliminating potential transportation and handling cost to further optimize (cost) efficiencies. Data from the grading process can be used to sort returns to their next destination quickly and fuel the business rules engine for further optimization.
  • Refurbishment & Repair
    Up to 85% of returned used goods can be refurbished/repaired and resold. By offering transparent and highly skilled repair and refurbishment services for small domestic appliances and electronic devices, your product will be ready to be sold again through a remarketing platform.
  • Data Wiping
    To prevent important data falling into the wrong hands, it is important to properly erase all data from electronic devices by executing full and compliant data wiping services that are in accordance with the highest European data security standards All electronic devices are reset to original factory state and prepared for reselling.
  • Product Auditing
    Product auditing information will help you better market your products and identify products with the need for a performance and/or design upgrade. You will have more insight as to why some of your products are returned and save valuable time and cost in selling and remarketing your products on secondary markets.
  • Recycling
    Unsellable (or for any other reason valueless) returns will have to be disposed of in compliance with EU law and your preferences. To protect the brand against unwanted items on the market, our preferred recyclers provide all documentation relevant to the destruction of recycled items. Without proper recycling, harmful materials can end up in the wrong place and cause harm to the environment.

Cycleon, part of the Reverse Logistics Group, is your partner in every phase of the returns management process, supported by a state-of-the-art Global Reverse Logistics platform. We reduce the complexity of reverse logistics while enhancing flexibility, transparency and control. Our expertise in the services described above proven to be valuable for established brand manufacturers and retailers as well as smaller companies.

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* source: ecommerce-europe.eu