14 December 2018

Galoha: A new brand for refurbished product sale

As part of the returns management business, RLG runs recovery and remarketing operations for small household appliances. To strengthen sales activities, RLG has now launched a new brand for reselling the refurbished products to end consumers: ’Galoha’.

“Trust is key in the refurbished product sector, because consumers buy a product that has left its primary sales channel and supply chain. Therefore, it’s important to build a trustworthy retail brand that people can rely on and be loyal to” says Jelle Schoenmaker, Executive Vice President for After Market Services at RLG.

All items sold under the Galoha brand are professionally inspected, extensively tested and repaired or repacked to make them look as new. They are sold via established online marketplaces such as Amazon and Ebay.  Product brands which are sold through Galoha are for example AEG, Tefal, Moulinex, Kenwood, Delonghi, Russell Hobbs, Remington and Braun.

Galoha Trading GmbH replaces the former RLG Recare GmbH. It is a direct subsidiary of the Reverse Logistics Group GmbH.

Please visit our website www.galoha.com for more information and our product line up.