14 December 2018

Professionally organized workshop disposal for all - comprehensive and independent of brands

So far, a professionally organized waste disposal service for automotive workshops, like RLG’s affiliate CCR has been providing for many years on behalf of various brands, has been almost exclusively accessible to workshops which had corresponding offers from their contract manufacturers or importers.

Assigned workshops benefit from a bundled collection procedure while orders are created conveniently and easily via PC or App. In addition, the service provides comprehensive documentation and reporting as well as assistance with technical questions and in dealing with authorities. The collection service, however, is usually limited to certain waste types - for any other waste types, workshops must organize the disposal on their own account.

RLG has now closed this gap with a new offer: the tried-and-tested systemic approach is now also available to individual companies and smaller associations regardless of brands while all types of waste are in scope.

Centerpiece of the service is the 'RLG PickApp' - an app to conveniently organize the collection and disposal of all waste materials. Thanks to intelligent software, PickApp even evolves into a clever assistant and calculates filling levels and optimal collection days based on historical data. The generated data is also mirrored to the responsible service partners for all relevant collection points, allowing them increase increased efficiency in pick-up coordination.

From fuel filter to cardboard to waste oil - RLG's comprehensive service takes care that all waste produced in an automotive workshop is picked-up and recycled by specialized service providers. Thanks to the bundling, efforts at workshops are significantly reduced while prices and credit conditions are fair and competitive.

Once integrated into the system, it is easy to add or eliminate individual services. RLG sales representatives assist with their expertise and provide professional advice to workshops.

More than 2,000 workshops already joined the RLG system under this new offer, in 2019 many more are expected to follow.