26 November 2020

RLG Americas is a Registered PRO in Ontario!

A new WEEE/EEE law will go into effect in Ontario on January 1st, 2021, making producers (brand holders, importers and markets) responsible for meeting collection and recycling goals or possibly face a financial penalty. A main tenant of the new law is to give affected producers a choice of who to work with to meet their obligations under this new framework.

A broad array of producers across Canada, the US, South America, and around the world have chosen to work with RLG to meet their product take back compliance requirements and we are proud to say RLG Americas has registered as a PRO in Ontario.

As a trusted partner to producers in Canada, the US and South America, RLG Americas is excellently equipped to assist obligated producers navigate the regulatory requirements.

For more information about what RLG Americas can do for producers selling in Ontario click here.