Complex EPR reporting
14 January 2021

Complex EPR reporting

Complex EPR reporting – Environmental reporting in Spain (PACK), Belgium (PACK) and France (PACK & WEEE)

If you are selling a larger amount of products to customers in France, Spain, or Belgium, you will know or soon make the experience that the declarations you need to submit to meet the extended producer responsibility (EPR) obligations require an exceptional level of detail.

Instead of submitting aggregated amounts of the packaging materials used (paper/cardboard, plastic, etc.), in all three countries the amounts of packaging need to be listed per product once you exceed a certain threshold. Apart from that, the reported data needs further adjustments to match the templates provided by the compliance schemes. In France for example, this includes adding product codes displaying the product type and keeping in mind bonuses and penalties that might apply to certain packaging. In Spain and Belgium, on the other hand, the information about the packaging material must be transferred into specific codes.

In France, not only the packaging declaration but also the declaration of electronic devices requires a highly detailed level of information: a combination of the product’s tariff code, the product’s weight and the matching type of product needs to be reported. To further complicate things, only a limited number of combinations between the three is permitted, so aligning them can be a challenge.

Having spelled out all the difficulties in reporting, here comes the good news: with the help of the Reverse Logistics Group’s worldwide legal monitor program and years of experience, our Environmental Compliance Management (ECM) Team is well prepared to bring your data into the right format for reporting!

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