Green Dot Trademark
10 February 2021

The Green Dot Trademark

Is your company using the Green Dot on your products? If yes, you should know these three facts about the trademark symbol.


1) The meaning of the Green Dot

The Green Dot is a worldwide protected trademark and indicates that producers are paying a financial contribution to a national packaging recovery scheme. However, the Green Dot does not necessarily mean that the packaging is fully recyclable. This common myth surrounding the Green Dot is a reason why some countries do not promote the trademark use, as it can be confusing for end-consumers.


2) The use of the Green Dot

Its use and implementation in national recycling schemes varies significantly from one country to another. In Spain and Cyprus, for example, the Green Dot is mandatory for household packaging. France is introducing a penalty fee for producers who put the Green Dot on their packaging after April 1, 2021. In the UK, the symbol can be used by producers who have a valid license agreement. In Italy, the Green Dot can be printed on the packaging but has no significance as the symbol is not used by the national packaging consortium.


3) How can you get a license for the Green Dot trademark? 

PRO Europe (Packaging Recovery Organisation Europe) is the umbrella organization for compliance systems that use the Green Dot trademark. Yet, producers who want to use the trademark on their packaging in different countries must have license agreements with each country organization to place their packaging on the market. Internationally, this may result in license agreements with more than 170 authorities.


If your company uses the same packaging in different markets, it is essential to know which regulations apply in each country. Contact us if you want to find out where and how you can use the Green Dot trademark!