RLG Impact Series: ODN@WIAMY Project
15 April 2021

RLG Impact Series: ODN@WIAMY Project

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many schools have to close, and students are faced with distance learning. Especially when studying remotely via digital channels, adequate hardware is essential for a successful learning experience. Unfortunately, not all children have access to the appropriate computer equipment at home.  To address this problem, CCR Poland has launched ODN@WIAMY which means “let’s refurbish”. The project has been a collaborative effort of the Zaraz Wracam Foundation, Elektrorecykling, and CCR Poland. 


About the project

Entrepreneurs and companies are encouraged to hand over unused and redundant laptops and computer supplies. The equipment is then inspected, refurbished, and repaired by specialists if necessary. In the next step, all usable devices are adapted to the children's needs and handed over to schools and family centers. Non-repairable equipment is recycled at dedicated facilities.

Collected equipment

Any devices that can be used for distance learning, including laptops, computers, monitors, keyboards, speakers, mice, and printers, are collected. Additionally, the devices are checked if they are mechanically sound and compatible with current operating systems.

Informational materials

In addition to providing hardware for the students, the participating schools and companies are equipped with informational materials and educational games to raise awareness of recycling methods and the Circular Economy concept.


Overall, 50 computer PCs, 11 laptops, 13 monitors, 7 printers, 12 keyboards, 3 mouses and 3 other devices were collected in 2020. The foundation bought additional equipment for refurbished equipment monitors, new keyboards, and mice. As a result, 43 computer sets and 5 laptops were handed over to schools and family support centers. For not repairable equipment, about 106 kg of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, 38 kg of plastics, 5 kg of glass, and 3 kg of batteries were recycled.


Last year's edition of the ODN@WIAMY project showed that both students and family support centers need adequate computer equipment. For this reason, CCR Poland, Zaraz Wracam Foundation, and Elektrorecykling will launch a new edition of ODN@WIAMY on Earth Day, April 22, 2021.

We thank all the companies, entrepreneurs, and partners who donated their equipment for the campaign.


Get more information on the project’s website or get current Facebook updates.